Prices & Terms


My basic guitar is a hand made work of art that has a unique rosette and a Spruce or Cedar top chosen for its musical potential. It is a beautiful one of a kind guitar based on the Spanish tradition of building.

Many customers tell me what scale length they want and leave the rest to me. Other customers have several concerns that need to be addressed and lots of questions. I honor the wishes and questions of all customers, and I am happy to work with guitarists who need a lot of information, or just a little information before we begin.

I’ll be checking in with you to ask questions as I begin your guitar. If the wait list is long at the time, I will talk to you several months ahead to get a feel for how your guitar is to be made, then recheck with you as I start your guitar.

Please email me with any questions concerning commissioning a guitar in this page. I will be glad to have a dialog with you about your order. 

The prices & terms are currently under construction. It will be updated shortly.