Seven String

7strings_front 7strings_back

I have built many seven string nylon string guitars; each player who commissioned a seven string had different ideas and needs. I try to pull together all the attributes each player asks for and more when I build a seven string. I want the seven string guitars to be versatile, yet be able to do the specific duty the player calls upon it to do.

Some musicians have used the seven strings for Brazilian Choro music others to extend the bass range in playing flamenco, jazz or classical. My approach in working with a seven string customer is to ask them how they intend to use the guitar and how they want it to feel. Once I gain an understanding of what the player needs, I build the guitar heavier or lighter to bring out rounded classical sustain or a more metallic flamenco voice.

Seven strings are a custom order and the price varies according to how the guitar is appointed with tuners, whether or not it has a cutaway body and trim work, etc. I require a 25% deposit for custom seven string orders because they are highly specialized and difficult to sell in a predominantly six string market.

Every customer who has ordered a seven string has been exceptionally happy with the instrument and I look forward to working with musicians to build these guitars.