Rob Mac Killop is a guitarist in Edinburgh Scotland. A few years ago he embarked on a project to explore the music of late 19th century to early twentieth century Spanish composers associated with flamenco music who published their own out written interpretations of flamenco. Rob plays without nails as many players of the time did, he utilizes the technique for both his modern and period instrument playing with great mastery and beautiful tone. He decided to make this exploration on gut strings as would have been played in that time.

For this project I made a guitar for him in the style of Santos Hernandez/ Manuel Ramirez based on a 1920 guitar by Santos that I have studied in person. It’s made of Japanese Cypress for the back and sides with a Spruce top. The guitar has a peghead with the finial style of the Manuel Ramirez shop around 1910 to 1915.

The video shared is  Mac Killop playing the guitar I made for his project. The guitar is strung with gut strings made by Damien Dlugoleki string company.

Rob Mac Killop also arranges music from Renaissance to today for Guitar, Lute, Banjo and other fretted instruments which is published by Mel Bay.

Julian Arcas – Solea arrangement 1902