Stephen Faulk guitar – Modelo Calle’ Carpenteria – #1

Marten Falk is a professional concert guitarist from Sweden.
He has toured the world presenting guitar concerts on Classical guitar, Baroque guitar, Vihuela and Russian seven string guitar. He’s also a guitar music historian and presents programs on Swedish Radio.

In addition to teaching Falk has a guitar gallery in Stockholm where he deals fine concert and student guitars. His inventory includes the finest names in the modern classical guitar world, student guitars, and a wide range of lutes, romantic era guitars, Russian seven string guitars and other unique preiod instruments of the guitar family.

His shop can be seen here:

There is also an amusing well written piece on Marten Falk by a journalism student named by Anna Johansen. I would be remiss not to include this short description of his life and how he came to be a guitarist.